Frog Bay Tribal Park Snowshoe Tour

Availability: ​December through March as long as we have Snow!

What to expect

2-3 hours of snowshoeing over rolling terrain. This is a moderately paced workout. Air temperatures can range from the low 30’s to -20 Fahrenheit. Windchill is less of an issue in the deeper forests. (This tour is a great option on very cold days as we are mostly protected from the wind)

The Frog Bay Tribal National Park is one of the jewels within the Red Cliff Reservation. Giant old-growth White Cedars huddle together in the deeply forested valleys which cut through the park.

Our route follows a cleverly designed ​interpretive ​trail developed by the Tribe, winding its way to lake which presents a fine view of Frog Bay and Oak Island, one of the famous Apostle Islands.

Animal sign is common here and we almost always see tracks of fox, coyote, and Ruffed Grouse. The Pine Marten, a Wisconsin threatened species thrives in this type of habitat and we could catch a glimpse of it or follow a track. We’ll stop for lunch and time permitting a fire to warm by.

What to bring: day pack, water bottle or thermos, lunch or snack, appropriate clothing layers.

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